In recent years public awareness of the unnecessary use of plastics – particularly single use plastic bottles, plastic bags and in food wrapping.

This has led to campaigns in the media by young people on social media and other public platforms.

As a result, in January 2018 the EC launched the first-ever Europe-wide strategy on plastics. Their report claims that ‘The million tonnes of plastic litter that end up in the oceans every year are one of their most visible and alarming signs of the plastics problem, causing growing public concern. And with a single market for goods, this is a problem that necessarily requires a joint European response’. We simply could not manage this project on our own. We need a Europe wide approach to this global crisis.

The EC’s strategy sets out plans to protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst promoting growth and innovation.

This is the first Erasmus+ project in our regions –  in Wales, Greece, Finland & Spain –  take up this challenge.

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