The Directorate of Secondary Education (Diefthinsi Defterovathmias Ekpaidefsis Viotias) subject to the Regional Directorate of Education, is a local authority based in Levadia,Viotia. It administers education in Viotia Prefecture. Led by the director of education, the Directorate

  1. provides advice and support to all those involved in the education system,
  2. takes initiatives, plans and implements innovative, training actions,
  3. enhances logistical infrastructure,
  4. contributes to the synthesis of ideas and opinions,
  5. assists school units to improve the quality of teaching,
  6. organizes seminars at local and European level,
  7. improves the general educational climate and certainly aims at schools open to the society and the world that surround them,
  8. helps the schools of Levadia and the surrounding areas in the development of their international dimension,
  9. encourages schools to work together to develop mutual educational and training partnerships at national and international level in order to gain higher qualifications for teachers and trainees,
  10. develops co-operation networks and learning communities, and helps schools to meet their educational goals.

The Directorate has been running projects through Erasmus+ and its predecessor programme for over 10 years

  • developing skills amongst its school leaders andstaff,pupils,and the wider communities,
  • raising standards and enabling schools to meet their national and international priorities and
  • improving global understanding amongst its participants.

For the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 projects,The Directorate has received funding to support teachers in mobility and continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities.Its Erasmus+ Key Action 2 strategic partnership projects have involved many schools in the area and focused heavily on pupil participation.As a result, over 100 teachers and their pupils have been positively impacted, with the wider schools, partner schools and their combined staff, families and communities also benefiting from the many and varied activities.

Projects have covered a broad range of topics that have to do withdigital, artistic and 21st century skills development, thinking by design and intercultural education skills,including those of additional learning needs education, parental education and inclusion to mention but a few.

Educational Robotics andWellbeing-Stress managementare the two training courses that the Directorate has been providing to international school staff for the 2 last years with great success. This way, we are able to impact not only locally, but also internationally,working with partners from the ELAN network across Europe.

Educational Robotics and STEAM course is organised as a series of workshops and job shadowing activities with the help of instructors from the University of Thessaly in central Greece, the Municipality of Levadia, STEAM CENTER, a local NGO, ASPETE, a Higher Educational Institution in Levadia and local schools.

Wellness, stress management and mindfulness course is organised as a series of workshops and job shadowing activities with the help of the local NGO “Union of the Art of Wellness and Happiness”.

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  • Stress management and burnout
  • Hellenic Civilization
  • Summer Camp Staff Training
  • Sustainability and Education
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