Robotics 2019

We offered a combined approach of training courses and seminars with subject specialists. A higher educational institution received the organization and provided the training in Levadia. The emphasis was on practical workshops to support the development of skills for teaching and training in STEAM subjects, ARDUINO platform, Raspberry Pi, MICRO:BIT python, labview, Lego, Scratch game design, using provided hardware and software. The on-site training lasted for 5 days. Visits were made to local Robotics/STEAM centers. Trainees learned how to:

  • Use Little Bits for curriculum-tied projects to solve real-world problems, starting with simple circuit projects and building upon them each year.
  • Kept journals while solving problems, brainstorming ideas, prototyping them, testing them, redesigning them, and making them better.
  • Managed Makerspaces at school.
  • Blended ART with STEM subjects to prepare students for their roles as global citizens.
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