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The Directorate of Secondary Education (Diefthinsi Defterovathmias Ekpaidefsis Viotias) subject to the Regional Directorate of Education, is a local authority based in Levadia,Viotia. It administers education in Viotia Prefecture. Led by the director of education, the Directorate

  1. provides advice and support to all those involved in the education system,
  2. takes initiatives, plans and implements innovative, training actions,
  3. enhances logistical infrastructure,
  4. contributes to the synthesis of ideas and opinions,
  5. assists school units to improve the quality of teaching,
  6. organizes seminars at local and European level,
  7. improves the general educational climate and certainly aims at schools open to the society and the world that surround them,
  8. helps the schools of Levadia and the surrounding areas in the development of their international dimension,
  9. encourages schools to work together to develop mutual educational and training partnerships at national and international level in order to gain higher qualifications for teachers and trainees,
  10. develops co-operation networks and learning communities, and helps schools to meet their educational goals.

The Directorate has been running projects through Erasmus+ and its predecessor programme for over 10 years

  • developing skills amongst its school leaders andstaff,pupils,and the wider communities,
  • raising standards and enabling schools to meet their national and international priorities and
  • improving global understanding amongst its participants.


Erasmus+ programs we offer

Summer Camp Staff Training