Erasmus+ School Education Accreditation

What is Erasmus accreditation?

Erasmus accreditation is a tool for institutions and organizations in the fields of school, vocational, adult and youth education that want to open up to cross-border exchange and cooperation. The award of Erasmus accreditation confirms that the applicant has made a plan to implement high quality mobility activities as part of a broader effort to develop his organization, as well as to move from applying for individual projects to strategic planning and institutional capacity development.

Common goals for all fields

Erasmus accreditation should facilitate the application for learning mobility projects by providing accredited organizations with a simplified and flexible alternative format for carrying out activities.

The common goals for all 3 fields are:

  • strengthening the European dimension of teaching and learning by promoting the values of inclusion and diversity, tolerance and democratic participation,
  • promoting knowledge of the common European heritage and diversity,
  • support for the development of professional networks across Europe.

Organizations that already have Erasmus accreditation can receive an award of excellence in recognition of their previous work and commitment to quality.

How does this work?

Organizations wishing to obtain accreditation will have to set their long-term goals and plan activities that will be supported by Erasmus + funds, the expected benefits, as well as their approach to project management.

Granting Erasmus accreditation confirms that the applicant has established appropriate and efficient processes and measures and can implement high quality mobility activities for learning as planned and use them to achieve benefits in the field.

Accredited organizations can apply for funding for mobility activities in a simplified way. Applications are based on a previously approved accreditation plan, so a detailed list and description of planned activities is not required. Instead, applications focus on estimating the number of activities to be carried out and the number of participants involved.

Accredited organizations undertake to follow the rules and principles established for each type of activity and to adhere to Erasmus quality standards and provide high quality mobility activities in the relevant field.

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