Mersin – Course Training Programme

Digital Competencies Course Program

(27 Nov.-1 Dec.2023)


  Date 27th Nov.-01 Dec.      Activity
Day 1 – 27.11.2023    9.00 Welcome Session
9.45 Coffee break
10.00 Introduction of the Turkish Education System    
11.00 Why And How To Flip Education
          Usage of various Web 2.0 Technology tools and programs                         
The benefits of ICT based learning and teaching
          Examples of good practices of flipping the classroom       
13.30 Lunch                  
14.30 City Orientation&Free Time  
Day 2 – 28.11.2023                              09.00 How to build electronic circuits and what is soldering?              
What are basic electronic materials?             
10.30 Coffee Break             
11.00 Let’s learn how to solder;                         
What is BBC micro:bit and how is it used?                        
Let’s make BBC micro:bit examples.              
12.30 Lunch             
 13.30-16.30 Cultural Trip To TARSUS
Day 3– 29.11.2023    09.00 STEAM Activities School Visit  
13.30 Lunch
How to start a STEAM program in your class; 
Individual and group practical activities            
15.30  Coffee  Break                           
16.00 Practical exercises, digital storytelling, creating, and designing.                              
Communication and collaboration in STE(A)M                                       
Day 4– 30.11.20239.00 Setting goals and introduction to coding              
Identification of needs and goals for each participant and relevant populations;             
10.10 Coffee Break             
10.30 First steps in Robotic Coding;             
Coding with blocks (Scratch applying Makey-Makey or similar, paper    
circuits with Scratch…)                
13.30 Lunch             
14.30 MERCAN Climate and Environmental Science Center      
 Day 5- 01.12.2023  10.00 Farewell Lunch & Cultural Workshop in “Fairy Tale House”              
Meeting of students with different characteristics (language/nation) with traditional children’s games and fairy tales               13.00 Lunch              
14.00 Certificate Ceremony    
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