Educational robotics and STEAM technologies (ADVANCE LEVEL)

 ADVANCE LEVEL (for experts)    </br>                                

The scope of advance level is to involve the participants to advance programming. They will involve in real problems and they will try to find the best solution! In advance level the participant will learn

  • LabVIEW programming for ARDUINO and Raspberry Pi platform
  • Python programming for MICRO:BIT and Raspberry Pi platform
  • App inventor programming for Bluetooth applications

Participant will use ARDUINO platform MICRO:BIT and RASPBERRY Pi as open hardware to develop their application!

About Labview: LabVIEW is a visual programming language: it is a system-design platform and development environment that was aimed at enabling all forms of system to be developed.

LabVIEW object-oriented programming uses concepts from other object-oriented programming languages such as C++ and Java, including class structure, encapsulation, and inheritance. You can use these concepts to create code that is easier to maintain and modify without affecting other sections of code within the application.
CERN using the LabVIEW object-oriented programming!!! : Measuring and controlling, in real time, the position of bulk components to     absorb energetic particles out of the nominal beam core with high reliability and accuracy at the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It will be α challenge to learn this programming language!


Participants will learn to programming Labview and python, under fantastic scenarios!

Smart home

Participants will create the smart home of their dreams! Using protocols like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth they develop application to control their devices in their smart house. Participants under activities will understood the philosophy of Internet of thinks.

Automation in greenhouse

Participants will create automations for hydroponic agricultural in a greenhouse. Participants will learn how to measure and control environment magnitudes. Using Arduino platform as hardware, Labview code will control all the process in the greenhouse in real time!

Robotic application using LabVIEW

Participant will create a 4 DOF robotic arm and will learn to program the robotic arm using LabVIEW code. The scope of activities is to introduction the participants to understudy the core of learning machines. Educational Robotics using Raspberry Pi platform Participants using python programming and raspberry pi platform will control their own robot. The target of this activity is to handle the libraries of python to develop funny applications for students using the Raspberry Pi platform!

Objectives, skills & competencies     

Content and pedagogical skills to deliver the content:
Development of a scaffolded set of STEAM activities that can be integrated into the curriculum

  • Training in educational robotics, STEM technologies
  • Hands-on approach to the study of science, technology, engineering and math
  • Engineering competencies (design, iteration, prototype development, design reviews, project planning…)
  • Coding, programming and computational thinking/ Writing code for educational purposes
  • Data-logging and scientific methods
  • Contextualized mathematics
  • Making the study of math and science more visual and creative
  • Art and design
  • Making artifacts
  • Development of 21st century skill sets in students (teamwork, cooperation and collaboration, time management, resource allocation, etc.)
  • Pedagogical training in how to integrate STEAM into existing or renewed practices/The role of teachers (facilitators, guiding investigations and encouraging discussion)
  • Assessment and evaluation activities to measure what students are learning
  • Educating the community about STEAM
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