Educational robotics and STEAM technologies (beginners)

On basic level the participants will understand the computational thinking and the epistemology of STEAM. Participants will learn how to create a didactic scenario involves artifacts, Arduino platform, Micro:bit platform, Edison robot, lego wedo, electronic components, sensors and actuators. They will use design software to create 3D artifacts for their STEAM applications. They will handle all the above components and devices to create simple application under specific didactic scenarios. They will learn to programming using blocks!

Topics of BASIC STEAM SCENARIOS: Participants will learn to programming Arduino and Micro:bit, Edison robot, lego, under fantastic scenarios!
Based on interesting of participants and the specialization of teachers, participants involves to specific scenario.

Help a Robot to escape from a maze

Using open hardware and open software learners will develops a robot using sensors to Obstacle Avoid. After the construction will be a competition in a maze! The competition involves class subject of: Mats, Physics, Geometry.
Architecture, Technology. All in a didactic scenario! Who will escape from the maze!
A scenario based on the experience and the interest of the participants will be implemented:

Robotics in Theatre

Participants will study and develops robotics scenes from ancient Greek mythology. They bring alive the myth of Hercules and Jason with Argo.
In this activity the participants learn how to involve education robotics in ART!

Mission to Mars

Under a rescue scenario, learners will save the life of astronauts after a disaster in their station.

They develop a robot machine to transfer the astronauts to safe place into the station. The scenario involves different class subjects: Math, Physics, Geometry. Astronomy, Technology, ICT! All in a didactic scenario!

Catch the thief in Louvre museum.

Louvre museum is a magic place for teachers to teach art to students. In this scenario, participants will program the arduino platform to catch a thief who try to steal a famous painting art! In this activity the participants learn how to involve education robotics in ART!


Participants will develop STEAM activities without programming! UNPLGGED STEAM help K6 students to understood physical phenomena and understood the real world! The UNPLGGED STEAM activities have with positive effect andhelp students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to learn themselves to concentration in their works!

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