Robotics with Arduino for everyone. How to design, build and program your own unique robot based on Arduino.

Robotics is the branch of science that studies machines that can replace humans in performing a task, which combines physical activity with decision-making processes. The machines designed and developed by Robotics are called robots and according to the definition of the US Robotics Institute, they are reprogrammable multifunctional manipulators designed to move materials, components, tools, and specialized devices through variable, programmed motions to perform a series of tasks. Nowadays, robotics (educational robotics) has applications in education as well, as it contributes to the cultivation of team spirit among students, while encouraging them to experiment and apply what they have learned from the cognitive fields of Mathematics, Physics, Technology, and Informatics. In addition, they come into contact with the basic concepts of programming and discover the subconscious uses of human body organs and how they are applied to technology (e.g. obstacle motion, color).

In this action, participants will become familiar with the subject of educational robotics and the Arduino microcontroller through workshops, with the aim of being able to implement small-scale original robots.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will acquire knowledge and practical skills related to: microcontrollers and the use of Arduino for creating low-cost embedded systems, the process of selecting appropriate sensors and actuators, the process of designing, constructing, and assembling prototype robots, connecting Arduino to the hardware components of the robot, and ultimately programming it to execute a predetermined scenario.

Duration: The activity lasts a total of 12 hours, implemented in four weekly three-hour sessions, which include theoretical lectures and practical exercises for implementing original projects.

Organization: Collaboratively in teams of two individuals. Eight teams per session.

Support: Throughout the entire duration of the activity, support will be provided by mentors for practical exercises and the implementation of prototype robots.


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